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April 2014

After the stress of the training and exam period, staff were happy to go back to their desks and to implement the material that they covered during the training process. Advisors were the first to be initially affected, as there is an increased pressure to be as accurate as possible during the initial call, and also because of the new fee structure that needed to be explained. All departments have various new statements to read out to clients depending upon the call and the clients' situation. This is obviously a time that we will use to see what works when speaking to our customers, and what needs refining a little.

After a few days testing, it has become apparent that the majority of the scripts and processes devised appear to be working and assisting the client in communicating with us. Many clients are also aware of the changes in our industry regulator and are aware of the increased protection that they will now receive, especially against the likes of predatory Payday lending firms, and also debt collection agencies.

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