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Pareto receives a regulatory audit by the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA)

August 2015

Every three years every insolvency practice receives an on-site audit by their regulator. Three years ago Pareto and its Insolvency Practitioner Colin Sefton received a good report from the IPA, who acknowledged that the firm was in its infancy.

Three years later, the regulator expected Pareto to demonstrate growth and improvement in all areas.

Some quotes from the audit report read as follows:

"The reviewed case files were well maintained, with value for money evidenced"

"No systematic issues were identified...and a significant improvement in both statutory compliance and qualitative issues were observed"

"Appear determined to effect whatever changes are required so as to continually improve and maintain the highest levels of both service standard and statutory compliance"

We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the report, which we consider to be exemplary, which will also provide the platform for future growth and continual improvement.

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