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Debt Management Example

£11,000 Debt Level           £170 Contribution

Fees Incurred Throughout the Lifetime of the Plan:

Month 1 to Month 6: £76.50 Arrangement Fee charged at 45% of the total contribution.

Month 7 onwards: £35 Management fee charged monthly.

Estimated Total Term:

84 months to debt freedom (7 years 0 months).

Estimated Total Fees:

£3,189 inclusive of all fees incurred over the lifetime of the plan.

Possible Implications:

In the event of a missed payment, creditors reserve the right to reinstate interest and/or charges, which may in turn affect the time to debt freedom.

For further explanation of our fees please see our Terms & Conditions.

Before any solution can be offered 123 must complete a thorough assessment of your Income and Expenditure and financial situation. Repayments will be based on the disposable income and will vary dependent upon the circumstances of the individual.

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