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Our Fees and What They Cover

The fees below are based on clients that sign up after 1st January 2015.

Debt Management Arrangement Fees

Arrangement fees cover the initial set up cost of your Debt Management plan, these are set at a maximum of 45% of your first 6 monthly payments up to a maximum of £990.

Arrangement fees cover the work involved in setting up your Debt Management plan which includes:

Debt Management Monthly Management Fees

We will charge you a monthly management fee once you are outside of your arrangement fee period (usually month 7 of your plan as long as you have made all 6 monthly payments prior to this). We will charge you 17.5% of your monthly contribution (subject to a minimum of £30 if your monthly payment is below £100 and a minimum of £35 if your monthly payment is over £100, with a maximum monthly fee of £95. The management fee will be charged monthly for the life of your Debt Management plan.

Management fees cover the overall running of your Debt Management plan which includes:

Should you wish to cancel your Debt Management plan, you would still be liable to pay the outstanding Monthly Management fee if you have yet to pay this in the month of cancellation as outlined in your Terms and Conditions.

For further explanation of our fees please see our Terms & Conditions.