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Debt Advice

At some point in everyone's life, debt will rear its ugly and distressing head. Debt can occur for a number of reasons from simple overspending and poor personal financial management to unexpected circumstances and gambling addiction. Take the case of Roy. He is divorced and living with his partner Caroline, who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

This sad news has also meant that Caroline can no longer work, leaving Roy alone to pay their mortgage and their already spiraling credit card costs. What's more, Roy became addicted to online poker games, it started as a stress buster to cope with the news but now he's managed to drive his debts up by a further £10,000!

For a long time, due to the shame and worry of the situation, Roy buried his head in the sand. He hid the credit card statements from Caroline, cashed in savings, and took on an extra job, all to make the high repayment rates. Now Roy is not a young man and this started to affect his own health.

At this point Roy sought assistance from a qualified and professional debt management company who were able to show Roy what his many options were. Within a few days, Roy went from a man sweating under the load of the financial and emotional burden of debt, to someone who could save up enough money to take his partner Caroline on a surprise holiday!

Like Roy, you should always seek advice from experienced and professional debt advice specialists. Be prepared to work out a budget of your income and outgoings and be honest, you'll benefit from every step of it. There are a number of debt management companies available to help you, all offering a range of debt advice and a full range of services from speaking directly to your creditors to arranging Individual Voluntary Arrangements. Regardless of your personal and financial circumstances, solutions to your current financial problems are just around the corner.

If you need Debt Advice, why not contact us right now? Call FREEPHONE 0808 22 22 123.