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Debt Help

Most people are embarrassed when they have personal financial problems. They try to cope with it themselves because they feel humiliated. This often leads to increased stress and increased debts as they take more debt out to pay for their current debt. From young professionals and newly weds to pensioners, anyone can get into financial difficulties due to unexpected circumstances. It's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

Most people don't realise that debt help is at hand, it's so easy to think that you are in it alone, most advice and help can be sought as simply as calling a free telephone number.

What kind of help is available for people with debt problems? Debt help available ranges from simple credit counseling to Debt Consolidation to Individual Voluntary Arrangements - a simple and less painful alternative to filing for Bankruptcy.

What's Debt Consolidation? Debt Consolidation is when all of your loans, credit cards, store cards, overdrafts and other debts are managed into one monthly payment. This means that instead of paying out hundreds or thousands of pounds per month to individual companies (known as creditors), you make one simple lower repayment over a fixed agreed period of time.

But what about Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is an option and some would say it is the simplest way to wipe your slate clean. However, it's really not that simple, it is quite a complex issue involving courts, the creditors and the sale of your assets. This will almost certainly see the loss of your car, house and other valuable assets. Bankruptcy is often published in your local newspapers and this can be embarrassing for you.

Are there other alternatives? Yes, there is something called an IVA, an Individual Voluntary Agreement, where you agree to pay back your creditors a certain portion of the debt over a fixed period of time. You will almost certainly be able to keep your home!

Do you need help with your debts? Want to speak to someone in confidence about getting help? Why not call us on FREEPHONE 0808 22 22 123.