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Debt Letters

When one attempts to deal with debt problems and contact various companies, it is strongly advisable to put all details into writing.

You may wish to make a payment or to offer a settlement concerning your financial crisis - put it in writing. Perhaps you wish to inform collectors that a debt has already been paid - put it in writing. You may wish to apply for credit from the mortgage company - put it in writing. You may wish to contact your creditors - put it in writing. For such matters it is preferable that this important information is written down and is not just part of a telephone call which may be forgotten and certainly not be recorded.

In the content of debt letters, it is important to include that you take this matter seriously and are making every possible effort to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If it is viable, try to include with the letter some payment, even if it not the total amount due, as this shows a certain commitment and responsibility. It is also recommended to mention some time schedule for the repayment of the full amount.

A well written debt letter including the right details can make all the difference. If a creditor feels from the letter that this matter is receiving its deserved attention and endeavors are being made to make the necessary payments, then an offer from the person in debt may well be accepted.

For those who may not be sure of suitable wording or layout or the recommended information to be included, sample debt letters are available.